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Holy Name Pledge

by CCadmin

HIS HOLY NAME GOD’S HOLY NAME O Lord, my Lord how majestic is Your name in all the earth! (Pslam 8:1a) As a child growing up in a faithful Catholic family I was trained by priests, nuns, and parents never to use the names of God in vain. It was a sin to be confessed […]

Posting Descriptions

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POSTING DESCRIPTIONS SOME SAY:These are short quotations by random contributors that tweak Gus Supan’s interest. WE SAY: These are important quotations and sayings by Gus that are influenced by other sources. SUPAN SAYS: Important sayings (opinions, thoughts, etc.) authored by Gus Supan. HE SAID: Timely quotations from the Bible. AUGIE ASKS: Augie is one of […]