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Augies Asks #47

by Gus Supan

AUGIE ASKS # 47 If someone purposes in his heart to love Jesus with all his heart soul and mind and his neighbor as himself and has much of his theology wrong especially the theology of Jesus, believing in an insufficient Jesus as some religions do, needing good works in addition to the atonement to […]


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AUGIE ASKS #30 If all of our good works are like filthy rags (Is:64:6), how is it that the Catholic Church teaches that good works are a condition of salvation?

Does God Want Everyone to be Catholic?

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AUGIE ASKS # 38 Does God Want Everyone to be Catholic?Augie Answers: Yes as in “Universal” Christian, the original meaning of “catholic”. Now if you mean Roman Catholic the Catholic Church teaches, no. A story is told of a “pilgrim” about to finish his sojourning and at a distance sees St.Peter at the Pearly Gates […]


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AUGIE ASKS #36: Because Catholics pray to saints Is it permissible for a Catholic to pray to me seeing that all born again Christians are biblical viewed as saints? FB“To the saints and faithful brothers in Christ at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father. ” Saints become saints when they acknowledge […]


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Augie AsksWhen did the traditional church began using titles like Pastor, Reverend, Doctor, Father, etc as prefaces to church leaders names? Are not such titles fodder for pride? I haven’t read anywhere in Scripture where any of the apostles were so addressed. Paul was never called Pastor Paul, Dr. Paul, or Father Paul. Along the […]


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AUGIE ASKS #36: Is it permissible for a Catholic to pray to me seeing that all born again Christians are biblical viewed as saints?


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AUGIE ASKS #56-What is the object of Catholic Evangelism, join our church or surrender to Christ?


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PROFESS-CONFESS-POSSESS Is a Christian one who professes Christ, confesses Christ, or possesses Christ, or all three? A-confess… : to declare faith in or adherence to B-profess… : to declare or admit openly or freely C-possess…: to make the owner or holder of D-All of the above.

Augie Ask: Spiritual 001

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-AUGIE ASKS #01: Why is it that Scripture in some places says we will “see the face of God” and in others that “no man can see God and live?”


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-AUGIE ASKS #11: Which is more profitable, listen to the word recorded, read the word, listen to the written word, or listen to the word preached