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Augies Asks #47

by Gus Supan

AUGIE ASKS # 47 If someone purposes in his heart to love Jesus with all his heart soul and mind and his neighbor as himself and has much of his theology wrong especially the theology of Jesus, believing in an insufficient Jesus as some religions do, needing good works in addition to the atonement to […]

Augies Asks Catholics #34: Evangelism

by Gus Supan

AUGIES ASKS #34: When Catholics use the term “Evangelism” what do they mean? To me it means to tell the good news of Jesus Christ and call the unsaved to acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. I never heard Catholics call folks to repent and come to Christ but I have often heard them call […]


by CCadmin

-AUGIE ASKS #29 Eating fish on Friday use to be a mortal sin and it appears not to be now, what happened to those who ate fish on Friday and didn’t have it absolved in confession then and now?


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-AUGIE ASKS #27 Do all deceased baptized Catholics get to Purgatory first before being admitted into heave?


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AUGIE ASKS #26 Seeing that all Catholics are baptized and Catholicism teaches that we are saved by the waters of baptism, why do they pray, “May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercies of God rest in peace?” Aren’t they already resting in peace.