“Boiled down, the trans-fiasco is one giant feelings-fest. Feelings are the new Baal. We don’t find our way out of it by teaching our young children that the way to love a man who thinks he’s a woman is by ignoring reality in favor of accepting feelings as fact.” (Anonymous)

Sensations and feelings are intensely personal and subjective and are known to him only who happens to experience them. Feelings are never facts. They often lie to you. They rise and fall. To transgenders reality doesn’t matter, only feelings. When one is born with either male or female anatomy claiming the opposite is your feelings lying to you. It’s the Devil’s way. It always is.
Acting on those deceptive feelings is a matter of sin. Because that’s what sin is and that’s where sin leads, no matter how he, she, you or I feel about it. Giving in to sinful feelings is idol worship. Ask God for forgiveness, repent and move on wearing biological matching attire and use a bathroom matching your biological creation no matter how uncomfortable the feelings. God will make a way. He always does.
Gus Supan