Cornerstone Bible Fellowship

North Ridgeville, Ohio
Pastor Glenn Dunn Pastor/Teacher

“The Catholic Conversations Classes taught by Pastor Gus Supan brings a wealth of knowledge about the Roman Catholic Church and it’s teaching. He has a passion for the truths of the Gospel and a desire to share these truths’ which are graciously compared to Catholic teachings. The Catholic Conversation is a conversation worth having”.

Open Door Church
Elyria, Ohio
Dr. Jim Mindling

“God is moving among Catholics today and people want to know the truth and how to engage Catholics with the good news of the Gospel; Gus will equip your people with insight, truth, and tools to help them be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.”

Grace Baptist Church
Westlake, Ohio
Greg Whiting
Lead Pastor

“You handled all the sensitive issues with Catholicism and Catholics with knowledge and love. You did not participate in Catholic bashing which, unfortunately, many Baptists are known for. Thanks for setting such a good example of how to stand on the truth, but also to have a sensitive heart for those who have not yet accepted it.”

Cuyahoga Valley Community Church
Broadview Hts., Ohio
Rick Duncan
Senior Pastor

“It is rare to find winsome conversation between Protestants and Catholics that do not compromise biblical truths. But the author and facilitator of Catholic Conversations, Gus Supan has found a way to train evangelical believers to engage in honest, scripture-based dialogue with Catholic family and friends.”

First Baptist Church
New Castle, PA
Dan Fries

“God has blessed Pastor Gus Supan with stories and life experiences that give him exceptional credibility to proclaim grace and truth to both Catholics and evangelicals. His teaching and relational experience was apparent when he turned practicing Catholics in the audience from a potential distraction to a learning enhancement. I wholeheartedly recommend Catholic Conversations by Pastor Gus.”

Biblical Counseling Institute
Lordstown, Ohio
Joe Propri

“Gus Supan has been a friend for over 30 years. He has the heart of Jesus for the lost and is one of the best at evangelism I know. He is sensitive and gracious in pointing to the truth in private conversations as well as in teaching settings, handling difficult, potentially offensive issues with tenderness. I heartily recommend these seminars!”