SOME SAY:These are short quotations by random contributors that tweak Gus Supan’s interest.

WE SAY: These are important quotations and sayings by Gus that are influenced by other sources.

SUPAN SAYS: Important sayings (opinions, thoughts, etc.) authored by Gus Supan.

HE SAID: Timely quotations from the Bible.

AUGIE ASKS: Augie is one of my nicknames. Here I ask questions intended to spark on-line dialogue with site visitors. These are questions that have challenged Gus Supan or other former Catholics through the years.


CATHOLIC CHURCH SAYS / BIBLE SAYS: These are couplets comparing specific official teachings of the Catholic Church with specific teachings from the Bible. They are initially short statements and can be followed by expanded teachings….”more.” They are also further expanded upon in detail via web links.

ARTICLES: These are writings by various people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike on pertinent topics generic to the Catholic Protestant conversation.

GUS GOOGLES: Gus, another nickname of Gus Supan. These are facts and data produced by either the Barna Group, Pew Institute of Religion and other related sources. This information is interesting to Gus and may be interesting to you.


CATHOLIC CONVERSATIONS BLOGS: These are Gus Supan comments on various subjects specific to Catholic Conversations.

GUS BLOGS: These are Gus Supan comments on random subjects.